zaterdag 9 maart 2013

For my stash

After a modelling break for about a month or so i visited the Flands Modelling Festival in Belgium where i bought some new stuff for my stash:

  • Bronco US GPW ¼ Ton 4x4 Utility Vehicle w/37mm AT Gun (CB35107)
  • Resicast Airborne Jeep & Trailer conversion kit for Tamiya (35.1147)
  • Tamiya Willys Jeep MB 1/4 Ton Truck Kit (35219)

I think the last two items will be my next project.


maandag 21 januari 2013

M4A3E8, stowage

Packed the sherman with stowage made up from different valueguer items, putty and items from the spares box.

Next will be the scary part of applying dust/ mud and creating a base for it.


vrijdag 11 januari 2013


Latest pictures: i continued painting details and created the M48 areal which gives a nice color vaiation because the it is made from different sections each having a color coded connector (blue, red, yellow and green).

M48 Areal reference picture

The next step will be the stowage and dusting.


donderdag 10 januari 2013

M4A3E8, status update

Changed barrel and tracks

A quick status update:

The gun barrel is changed to have a muzzle break and repainted, the friul tracks are assembled, painted and test fitted on the tank (i kept one link pin unglued so i can remove the tracks.

Tracks, suspension and tool details

After painting i applied a dark pin wash and started painting the details like the pioneer tools. Some streaking effects are applied also.


dinsdag 1 januari 2013

M4A3E8, some changes.

New barel and tracks
I changed my mind on the barrel, which was the earlier model without the muzzle break, and added one. I also changed the T66 tracks from the kit to the ones from Friulmodel, not because the kit supplied ones where wrong but becaused i messed up.